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Google AdWords

AdWords is the web’s largest platform for paid search advertising and is essential to the success of any e-commerce business. When running search campaigns in Google AdWords, we utilize as many of its features and networks as possible to ensure that our clients get the most out of their accounts.

Search Advertising

We build search campaigns around specific products our clients sell. Product ads direct users straight to specific pages on client sites, ensuring that they get exactly what they’re looking for. Our search strategy is set with ROI in mind. Cntrl More are certified Google Partners and Bing Advertising Pros, as well as Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassadors.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns feature product shopping ads, local inventory ads, and display ads (including dynamic remarketing and dynamic prospecting), which are eligible to appear on the google search network, display network, youtube, and gmail. Automated ad creation and placement means that your ads will appear in the ad spaces where they’re relevant and that your bids will be set to maximize your conversion value.

Display Advertising

The Google Display Network reaches 92% of all US internet users and is an essential platform for growing businesses and gaining customers. Using a wide range of features ensures that our clients get the most out of it. By placing eye-catching banner, video and text ads on relevant sites, we ensure that your marketing dollars reach customers wherever they are. We run all our clients’ campaigns with the most cutting-edge strategies to ensure they stay top of mind with potential customers.

Video Advertising

AdWords for video enables you to display video ads in the YouTube search results or before, during, and after videos on YouTube and the GoogleDisplay Network.

What To Expect Working With Our Google Ads Management Agency

Google Ads (PPC advertising) are the most profitable and popular form of online advertising Bring leads to your site instantly with targeted Pay Per Click advertising 

We’ll discuss your target audience, top competitors and campaign goals. We will then roll out a customized strategy unique to your business alone. After we agree on the campaign goals, we will accept payment, we will begin the on-boarding process (24-72 hours) and get to work either building out a new campaign or optimizing existing campaigns.

We know sales are the cornerstone of your business. The nature and quality of traffic we drive to your site is specifically designed to generate more leads so that you can close a larger volume of sales, all while delivering a cost per sale that makes sense for your business.

Selecting the right type of ‘high-intent’ keywords for your PPC strategy is an integral part of running an effective Google Ads campaign. Without the right intent keywords (and match types), your campaign will convert low and perform poorly.

Ad copy for your PPC ads is a crucial component in making sure the keyword searched, is shown an ad that talks about solving the user’s problem via our unique selling proposition. They search for a problem, we offer the solution.

Without proper tracking you cannot run a successful Google Ads campaign. We handle all of this for you. We will setup contact form and call conversion tracking. We track forms and calls down to the keyword level so you can see exactly what keywords are driving your campaign inbound leads.

Conversion tracking reveals what happens once a customer clicks on an ad, and makes it possible to track how many sales occur on a given account. It also reveals the cost and revenue associated with each keyword, ad group, product, ad and campaign. We also use Revenue tracking to manage accounts with a specific profit margin goal.

For each and every visitor our campaigns deliver to your site, we want to ensure that the largest possible percentage convert into customers. When you begin working with CNTRLMORE, your account manager will discuss your goals for a target Cost Per Acquisition and then, along with your design team, provide pre-click PPC account strategies to improve click costs and landing page optimization to improve post-click results.

This is simple which is hard to understand for us why most companies need all kinds of fancy tools and gizmos to do this. Especially now in 2020 with all the amazing auto bidding strategies that Google is now offering. We will decrease or remove bids on loser keywords and increase the bids on winners. Your campaigns will always be running the most optimal, high converting keywords. A lot of this boils down to the bid strategy chosen.

We will be monitoring your Google Ads campaign performance by analyzing the weekly conversion and click data to make adjustments and tweaks on a regular basis to ensure continued optimal performance / lead flow of the campaign. We can make tweaks on the fly to anything form keywords, ads, devices, ad schedules, ad extensions, negatives and even landing page CTA’s (call to action) whatever we have to do to keep the campaign on track.

For clients with at least 500 conversions in their PPC account history, we guarantee (at minimum) a 20% increase in revenue  — or a savings of 20% from previously wasted ad spend (over a six month period). Email us today at for a free Pay-Per-Click account audit and learn if your account is eligible for this (or any other) performance guarantee.

Google Ad Pricing

Choose whether you want a campaign created from scratch or for CNTRLMORE to take over management of your existing campaign. There is no set up fee for management packages & no long term contracts. For a single project, simply pay for your campaign & we’ll send over a questionnaire to understand exactly what you want from your campaign. For management, just fill in the form & we can take over instantly.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Starter Program
$ 500
Adwords Setup/Onetime
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • Call Tracking Installation
  • PPC Conversion Tracking Setup
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Geo-Targeted ads
  • Targeted Location Settings
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Retargeting Setup (with creatives)
  • Display Network Setup (with creatives)
  • 3-7 Campaigns
  • Up to 20 Ad Groups


Growth Stage e-Commerce Program
$ 800
Adwords Setup/Onetime
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • 7-10 Campaign Creation
    Google Search / Shopping / Display / Video
  • PPC Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Targeted Location Settings
  • Landing Page Consultation
  • Merchant Center Setup
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Feed Submission
  • Feed Rules +Optimisation
  • DSA Feed + Campaign
  • Dynamic Remarketing + Audience
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • 7 Hour Consultancy
  • 14 Day Review
  • * $120 voucher for your ad account

Why Is It A Smart Choice To Hire A Adwords Specialist?

While you may find a lot of articles telling you that it is not such a big deal to start a marketing campaign with the help of Google AdWords, it would be recommended not to venture on this path on your own. That is if you want to avoid disappointment and loss of money and time. Considering that PPC is a paid marketing option, you should get specialized help and maximize the potential of your resources. Also, having a Google AdWords specialist at your side you will avoid fraud in your PPC advertising campaign management, as the expert will know that needs to be done in order to minimize risks coming from ill-intentioned developers or even competitors that may try to sabotage your campaign.

Ready to Take Your Ads to the Next Level?

When we take on new clients, we strategically examine both their site and their existing AdWords campaigns to determine the best possible structure moving ahead. A well-designed structure is key to managing AdWords efficiently at scale.

Got Questions?

For campaign creation, the setup fee is $500
Alternatively, select the management option & there is no set up fee, just a monthly charge. This is subject to a fee of $800 per/month

You get everything included in the project pack plus:

  • Unlimited Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Daily PPC Management
  • Full Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
  • Click Fraud Protection Software
  • Call Tracking
  • AB Web-Page Testing
  • Visitor Session Recording, Heat-Maps & Funnels
  • Monthly Face-to-Face Meetings + Report
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Website Personalisation
  • Translation for International Campaigns

We don’t belive in tying people to a contract. We have no lengthy tie-ins, just a simple rolling monthly contract that you can leave at any time. We aim to prove our worth so you’ll never want to leave!

For campaign creation, click the purchase now button to pay for your campaign setup, then we’ll contact you with the next steps. For management projects, fill out the form & we’ll request access to your ad account. We’ll then talk you through the next steps.

Grow with confidence

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