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Google Adwords Experts

Offering High-Level SEO and PPC Services

We know what it takes to get the leads coming

What We Do

Shopping Ads

Promote your brand and products with shopping ads.

Landing Pages

Offer an on-site visitor with all the necessary information regarding a product, service or an offer.

Search Marketing

Reach customers interested in your product or service with text ads.


Remarking is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app.

Display Ads

Run different kinds of display ads across the web drive leads instantly.

Video Ads

Reach and engage viewers on Youtube and across the web.

How We Do It

Reduce Your Marketing Costs

Wasted advertising dollars kill profitability and drop returns on investment quickly. When we take over management of existing Pay Per Click accounts, one of our first priorities  is to review account structure and reduce wasted ad spend. We do this by eliminating high spend/zero conversion keywords, adjusting bid aggression on high CPA keywords, reviewing ad scheduling, and optimizing for device-specific performance.

Increase Leads

We know sales are the cornerstone of your business. The nature and quality of traffic we drive to your site is specifically designed to generate more leads so that you can close a larger volume of sales, all while delivering a cost per sale that makes sense for your business.

Increase Sales And Profits

we guarantee (at minimum) a 20% increase in revenue  — or a savings of 20% from previously wasted ad spend (over a six month period). 

start promoting your website

Discover our Pay-Per-Click Management Services


Lead Generation
Set Up & Management

Lead Generation Starter Program

Suitable for most lead generating website, our affordable PPC set up package helps you start promoting your website on Google immediately in the safe knowledge that experts have carefully prepared the account. If you have an existing campaign, we provide management services to bring in more conversions at your target cost by optimizing your account and website funnel.

Setup & Management

Growth Stage e-Commerce Program

Maintaining & optimizing an eCommerce PPC campaign is a huge & time consuming undertaking. That’s where CNTRL MORE come in. Not only do we optimise your campaign, feed & remarketing, but we help optimize your entire shopping funnel. If you’re new to PPC, then we also have a package to help you get set up & selling on Google shopping immediately.The specialist will take care of your PPC campaigns, setting them up where they should be, and that is on Google Search, Google Mobile Ads, and Google Display Partners.


Businesses of all sizes rely on Cntrl More to help them grow.

Customer experience with Cntrl More:

“The Cntrl More team helped us move from one smart shopping campaign to building out a holistic strategy spanning dozens of campaigns, each with their own unique roas goals. Not only did we exceed these goals, we’ve been able to take back control of our brand presence in the feeds.”

Become a Partner

When you hire us to be your agency partner, we offer everything your clients need to run the best PPC campaigns possible:

  • Account set-up
  • Custom landing page design and development
  • Pay-per-click account management
  • Retargeting
  • Tracking

On top of that, our flexible pricing plans and volume discounts make it possible to create the specific white label partnerships that best fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Launch: campaign creation, the setup fee is $500
Alternatively, select the management option & there is no set up fee, just a monthly charge. This is subject to a minimum fee of $800 per/month

e-Commerce: campaign creation, the fee is $800
Alternatively, select the management option & there is no set up fee, just a monthly charge this is subject to a minimum fee of $1000 per/month

You get everything included in the project pack plus:

  • Unlimited Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Daily PPC Management
  • Full Google Analytics Conversion Tracking
  • Click Fraud Protection Software
  • Call Tracking
  • AB Web-Page Testing
  • Visitor Session Recording, Heat-Maps & Funnels
  • Monthly Face-to-Face Meetings + Report
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Website Personalisation
  • Translation for International Campaigns

We don’t belive in tying people to a contract. We have no lengthy tie-ins, just a simple rolling monthly contract that you can leave at any time. We aim to prove our worth so you’ll never want to leave!

For a single campaign creation project, click the purchase now button to pay for your campaign, then we’ll contact you with the next steps. For management projects, fill out the form & we’ll request access to your ad account. We’ll then talk you through the next steps.

Grow with confidence

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